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Duns Church History: Duns South Church (10/12)

Around 1762 a congregation of the Relief Church was commenced and in 1763 they erected a churchbuilding in Currie Street opposite the foot of Church Square, conspicuously close to the parish church itself, which apparently sat around 800. They obtained their first minister in 1767. In 1851 the church was rebuilt, apparently seating around 640. In 1895 the West congregation united with the South, and finally in 1976 the South united with the parish church, ending 237 years of division within Presbyterianism in Duns. At first the building was used as an antiques dealership, but is now ‘Carpet Mart’ showroom.

Names: Duns Relief (1762-1847); Duns South UP (1847-1900); Duns South UF (1900-29); Duns South (1929-76).


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