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Duns Church History: Duns Church East (9/12)

This congregation was established in 1739 by people unhappy with Rev Moodie’s appointment to the parish church. They joined the Secession Church, constructed a churchbuilding in Easter Street in 1742 seating nearly 600, and obtained their first minister in 1743 – the first dissenting congregation in Duns. At the great Breach of the Secession Church in 1747 they and their minister adhered to the ‘Anti-Burghers’. In 1843 the church was rebuilt seating 650. In 1932 the congregation was dissolved and the building became the Regal Cinema. This burnt down around 1960 and was demolished and replaced by a row of houses.

Names: Duns Secession (1739-47); Duns ‘Anti-Burgher’ (1747-1820); Duns East United Secession (1820-47); Duns East UP (1847-1900); Duns East UF (1900-29); Duns East (1929-32).


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