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Duns Church History (3/12)

Happily the church was rebuilt, raising the walls of the burnt-out shell by 2 feet. Slightly protruding stairwells were added to the northerly corners; porches to the south-west and north-east and the south doorways blocked-up; a substantial north wing; and a shallower, more complex roof than previously, carried by impressive hammer-beams and sporting a central skylight. A gallery on 3 sides included sections for each of the local country houses. It cost almost £4,000 and seated 920 in pleasant pitch-pine pews. Complete with tiled floor, a new bell, beautiful donated stained glass windows, and a magnificent organ, it reopened on 14th January 1881 and has provided the focal point of our activities and witness for the last 135 years. A renovation in the early 1970s breathed new life into the old building, removing some pews and opening-up the dais. More recent improvements have included audio-visual facilities and a hall refurbishment.


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