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What We Believe

1. We believe that God loves this world and everyone in it, and he has wonderful blessings to offer each and every one of us.

2. We believe that the world is broken and in need of healing. We see this brokenness every day in the news – people, families, societies and nations at war with each other and unable to blossom because of the hurts and the pain which come from these divisions.

3. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only true answer to this brokenness. Because of the victory of Easter, Jesus is able to set us free from the powers that bind us and to offer every human being a richness of life which allows us all to grow into the full potential for which God created us.

4. We believe that the most important relationship in everyone’s life is their relationship with God, and that Jesus has made it possible for us to become sons and daughters of the living God

5. We believe that our church is here in the midst of our community to meet people wherever they are in their personal spiritual journey and to introduce them to Jesus, and to bless our community by sharing the love of God with everyone.”

Our formal Statement of Belief can be found HERE.


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