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Our Structure

Duns Parish church is a congregation of the Church of Scotland. Responsibility for leadership in our church lies with folk called “elders” of whom the Minister is one. Together, the elders make up the “Kirk Session”. The Kirk Session’s job is to lead the church in spiritual matters such as considering how we can better function in order to see God’s purposes at work in our church. The Kirk Session meets approximately 6 times a year and each church member is assigned an “elder” who should visit and support them pastorally.

The Congregational Board are a mix of folks elected by church members. They are responsible for the practical matters of the building and its finances. The Board meets approx. 6 times a year and is comprised of a number of smaller committees e.g. fabric, social and finance committees. All elders are also members of the Board.

After being involved in the church for a while, you may decide to consider becoming a “member” of the church. Members make promises before God, in front of the congregation, about their faith and their involvement in the church. If you feel you may be ready to look at those promises, speak to the Minister.

We believe that the ministry or work of the church is the task of all its members using their God-given abilities. Every person has a valuable part to play and getting involved is a great way to get to know one another and serve God. Why not consider if there is an area which you could be involved in?


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