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What's the 'Hold Up' God?

Happy Friday everyone,

Today I want to pose a question...what's your image of God? Do you know that He 'sings over you' (Zephaniah 3:17), that He wants to give you 'good gifts' (Matthew 7:11), that He 'will meet ALL your needs' (Philippians 4:19), and that He will fight your battles (Exodus 14:14)? I sincerely hope you do! If like me, however, you get temporary amnesia when your prayers aren't answered immediately. I want to encourage you today to worship while you wait for God's miracles to manifest in your life (Hebrews 10:23; Isaiah 40:31).

I'm no stranger to having to 'wait' in faith, I pray that if you're in a waiting season you'll continue to wait in faith until God comes through. #WAITONTHELORD #HEISFAITHFUL

God Bless,



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