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What is Duns Food Bank?

Food boxes are provided to people in crisis who have been referred to us by other agencies such as Social Services, Citizens Advice Bureau, and Berwickshire Housing Association and others. We provide a week’s supply of food for each person referred.

The following is a list of items we use in the food boxes. We are very grateful for any donations. Donations can be left in the foyer of Duns Parish Church at the foot of the stairs Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.

Pasta, Jars pasta sauce,Tins stew or similar/tinned pie,Tins pilchards/corned beef/ ham etc,Cup-soup or tins of soup,Jam,Tea bags/coffee,Breakfast cereal,Long life milk (liquid or powder),Tins rice pudding,Tins of fruit,Tins potatoes,Tins vegetables/baked beans.

Please take care that the use-by dates are well into the future as we may need to store the food for some time. Thank you.

For further information please email or visit our Facebook Page.


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