Duns Food Bank Update (April)

Dear All,

A busy April: we provided 32 parcels (39 adults, 20 children, 18 pets). Demand has not diminished with spring as it has in previous years (in April 2021 the Food Bank delivered only 21 parcels). I'm therefore delighted to report that our recent recruitment drive has been successful with 10 new volunteers joining our teams. Many thanks for the help given with publicity etc.

Following a particularly busy spell towards the end of last month the food store is short of the following items:

Tins of Soup, Tins of Baked Beans, Tins of Hot Dogs, Tins of Meat Balls, Tins of Potatoes, Long Grain Rice, Tinned Fruit, Tinned Custard, Tinned Rice, Jam, Marmalade, Coffee

Sugar, Long Life Milk

Deborah Stokes recently retired from the Delivery Team and, on behalf of the Food Bank, I'd like to thank Deborah for all she has done for our clients.

The Food Bank has received some very generous donations in recent weeks and, as always, we are very grateful for your fund raising activities, food and financial contributions. And many thanks to members of the Delivery and Quartermaster's teams for their hard work during this busy month.

Best wishes,

David Food Bank Administrator