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Duns Food Bank - November update

Dear All,

We experienced a welcome dip in demand at the beginning of November, perhaps due to the most recent Cost of Living payments, but things are now back to ‘normal’ and we made 48 deliveries during the month helping 111 people (70 adults, 41 children).

Some very good news is that we have now moved to new, much improved premises at 15 Murray Street. Very many thanks to everyone who helped with the move which seemed to go very smoothly. Some people have asked how the new arrangement is being funded so I’d like to stress again that we are not using any Food Bank funds in support of rent or other costs associated with the move. Instead we are raising funds from a range of external sources and this month I’d like to thank the Christie Trust and Hay Bequest, a Duns-based charity, for a very generous donation of £1,000.

Money donated by our existing supporters will continue to go directly to helping clients - nothing has changed. This winter we anticipate a very high level of demand and we are heavily reliant on the generosity of donors. Thank you again for your continued support.

This month three highly valued members of the Quartermaster’s Team will retire. Irene Lothian, Moira Luggett and Wendy Travis have been involved with the QM team since the early days of the Food Bank and we thank them very much for all they have done for our clients. I’m pleased to say Irene will continue to help us with finance matters.

At this time of year the food store is very rapidly depleted and we’d be grateful for any of the following:

Long life semi-skimmed milk

Baked beans

Tins of soup, vegetables, fruit, chicken in white sauce



Pasta sauces


Toilet rolls

Some Christmas treats, e.g. selection boxes, would also be very welcome at this time

Thanks to all of you for your support over the year - have a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2024!


David Adams


Duns Food Bank

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