Locked Down

Locked down

There were other doors

once locked in fear,

in a time of waiting

and distress.


It was an uncertain,

questioning time -

longing for what had been known

and treasured before.


Into that space,

calming and soothing,

came these welcome words -

“Peace be with you.”


Peace be with you in every worry,

in every sleepless night,

in every loss experienced,

in every comfort now distant.


Peace be with you in every certainty,

in the shared burden of these days,

in the unexpected connections,

in the gift of another sunset and sunrise.


Peace be with you and yours,

the deepest peace,

the strongest peace,

the peace that passes all understanding.


Christ is our peace

and is in our midst.

His words echo again -

“Peace be with you.”

Lezley Stewart