Flowers Rota

Duns Flower Convenor: Mrs Shirley McColm 01361 884141

Mrs Stephanie Patterson   01890 761347

Bonkyl Flower Convenor: Mrs Isobel McAlpine 01890 761356

Edrom Flower Convenor: Mrs Rachel Dewar 01890 818837





7th January


 Kate  Stephenson


14th January

Jacky Apted


M Bridgewater

21st January

Marion Romances

Mary  Cook 


28th January

Ann Davidson


H Robertson

4th February

Anne Hartley and Irene Napier

Dorothy Hardie


11th February

Moira Turnbull


A Maclean

18th February

Stephanie Patterson

Moira Muir  


25th February

Madge Cran


M Anderson

4th March

Ivy Kerr

Ann Miller


11th March

Sheila Massive



18th March

Jean Redpath and Frances Bryce

Daphne Davies


25th March

Di Murray



1st April

Jennifer Wrigley

Barbara Eggo


8th April

Wilma Brack & Jennifer Finnie



15th April

Elizabeth Lamont

Naomi Hicks


22nd April

Eunice Wood



29th April

Emma Lindsay



6th May

Betty Clarke & Ann Waddell

Isobel McAlpine


13th May

Emma Lowans



20th May

Shirley McColm

Doreen Calder


27th May

Mary Redpath & CIA Redpath



3rd June

Helen Bell

Jen Forrest


10th June

Molly Johnston



17th June

Joyce Fortune

Kathryn Wilson


24th June

Josephine Redden



1st July

Moira Lugget & Vera Young

Lesley Nimmo


8th July

Louise Austen & Helena Renton



15th July

Jennifer Wrigley

Kate Stephenson


22nd July

Sheila Sim



29th July

Ann Whitehead



5th August

Ann Davidson



12th August

Linda Miller & Amy Utterson



19th August

Moira Angus & Irene Lothian



26th August

Rosemary Thorburn



2nd September

Jo Scott



9th September

Margaret Redpath & Violet Redpath



16th September

Margaret Nairn & Betty Gray



23rd September

Catherine Kirk & Elizabeth Stobbie



30th September

Sheila Massive



7th October

Jennifer Wrigley



14th October

Eunice Wood



21st October




28th October

June Douglas



4th November

Ann Lindsay



11th November




18th November




25th November





Poinsettias and Christmas trees