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    Welcome to Duns and District Parishes, which is a union of five churches: Bonkyl, Cranshaws, Duns, Edrom and Gavinton.

    We’re a people of different ages and stages, from different backgrounds and experiences, the thing we have in common is wanting to worship God and learn more about Him.


  • Bonkyl - First and third Sunday of every month at  09.45 am 

    Cranshaws - First and third Sunday Sunday of every month at 11:30 am


    9:30am - The Early Service: once a month (see calendar)

    11.00 am - Every Sunday:

    • 4th Sundays: family service (no Sunday Club, but there will be a crèche)
    • 5th Sundays: informal communion
    • Formal communion:  1st Sunday in March, June, Sept and Dec


    Edrom - Second and fourth Sunday of every month at 09.45 am

    Gavinton - Second and fourth Sunday of every month at 09.45 am

    When there is a fifth Sunday we all gather in Duns at 11.00 am.


  • Calendar

    Friday 17th November
    09:30 Pause for Prayer
    11:00 The Prayer Room
    13:30 Hall Cleaning

    Saturday 18th November
    10:00 DDAOS coffee morning

    Sunday 19th November

    Guild Week

    09:30 TES (The Early Service)
    09:45 Country Churches - Communion Service in Cranshaws Kirk
    11:00 Duns Parish Church Service

    Monday 20th November

    Guild Week

    13:30 Hall cleaning
    19:30 Choir Rehearsal

    Tuesday 21st November

    Guild Week

    19:00 Presbytery Business Committee

    Wednesday 22nd November

    Guild Week

    10:00 Kirk Kids
    18:30 Guild

    Thursday 23rd November

    Guild Week


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